12 Adorable Hearts by Carly Baggins

12 Adorable Hearts by Carly Baggins

Here are some awesome homage tattoos in the form of hearts (and booties).

Carly Baggin's heart tattoos are cute as well as almost too clever, especially when it comes to cartoon homages. Many of them take after fan-favorite characters from children's books, kid's shows, anime, and even Disney films. Here's a fun sample of her wonderfully adorable heart tattoos, some of which happen to also be booties as well.

As one can see, Baggins' heart tattoos are perfect for homages and commemorations to things that people love. Above we see pieces that allude to beloved children's books, such as Snugglepot and Cuddlepie as well as the Blink Bill series. Also, as exemplified by the puppy portrait, her tattoos in this motif are great for showing just how much you care for your most loyal friend.

If you're a member of otaku, then her heart tattoos are perfect for you, too. These pieces are ideal for expressing your fandom of any manga or anime out there. Just look at her kawaii little pony and the Pokemon and Sailor Moon shout outs for example. Sylveon, by the way, is probably the cutest Eevee evolution just like Neptune's the cutest Sailor

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Some of our favorite heart tattoos that Baggins makes are those that take after Disney movies. Whether they are renditions of the timeless characters or themed booty tattoos, they are wonderful ways to communicate one's obsession with some of the iconic toons from the unforgettable films. Above are nods to Finding Nemo, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King.

We hope you liked these adorable heart tattoos from Baggins' wonderful portfolio. If you want to see more of her cute work, check out her Instagram. She tattoos in Perth, Australia, so reach out to her at carlybaggins@hotmail.com if you're near there and want one of her lovely hearts.

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