12 Badass X-Wing Starfighter Tattoos

12 Badass X-Wing Starfighter Tattoos

Get your Star Wars game on with these amazing X-Wing tattoos.

They've fought the First Order and defeated the Empire, now check them out in ink! Aside from clone armies and lightsaber wielding mystics, Star Wars brought us some of the coolest space vehicles in history and while your mind will probably go straight to the Millennium Falcon- thoughts of the X-Wing won't be far behind. 

Used predominantly by the Rebel Alliance in the Galactic Civil war and later the Resistance and New Republic Starfleet, the X-Wing starfighter is one of Star Wars' most iconic images. Named for it's shape, the X-Wing has a classic Star Wars feel to it and that makes it a cool tattoo to have! 

Blackwork, traditional, illustrative or watercolor, whatever the style the X-Wing can make it work. And Rogue One just around the corner these X-Wing tattoos are sure to get you back in the Star Wars mood.

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