12 Bright & Bold Tattoos by Sany Kim

12 Bright & Bold Tattoos by Sany Kim

Cute and Cartoon-ish, These Tattoos Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Here at Tattoodo, we will forever be fans of tattoos that make us smile. Whether they be funny, cute, or just absolutely ridiculous, tattoos that bring out a smile can truly do no wrong in this world. Illustrative tattoos are always fun, but when they’re heavily influenced by cartoons and illustrations that are reminiscent of children’s books, they’re even better. Cue South Korean artist Sany Kim.

Using certain elements of traditional style tattooing and combining them with his own illustrative flair, his adorable cartoon-ish tattoos are sure to put a smile on your face. Tattooing at Hybrid Ink, a tattoo shop based in Seoul, South Korea, Kim’s tattoos are delightfully charming as well as dynamic in both style and color, and his chosen color palettes are extraordinary. Favoring slightly subdued hues, Kim generally opts for color ways that are off the beaten path, not bold but not completely muted either. His subjects often include children and tiny illustrations of animals, making for an incredibly inviting piece. So whether you’re a fan of children’s literature inspired pieces, or possess the imagination of a child, Kim’s works are just as adorable as they are artistic.

You can see more of Kim’s work on his Instagram.

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