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12 Cheeky And Cuddly Care Bear Tattoos

12 Cheeky And Cuddly Care Bear Tattoos

Get lost in the Kingdom of Caring and through the Forest of Feelings in the land of Care-A-Lot with the cute and cuddly Care Bear tattoos!

Care Bears were like the smaller franchise version of Lisa Frank of the 80's and stayed relevant up to the early 2000's. They had Care Bear cards, toys, TV shows, and films. I do vaguely remember Care Bears being aired on Cartoon Network as a kid in the kingdom made of cotton candy clouds and hearts and rainbows. It was pretty cute, having these bears around to guide kids and fight off bogeymen. Looking back now, I do have to wonder what kind of drugs the animators were on making the show. Kidding aside, these are the kids at heart who keep their care bears around to fight off their adult-sized bogeymen.

These Care Bear tattoos will take you back to the sweet memories of childhood!

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Uh-oh. This one's psychotic.

Care Bear tattoo by Katie McGowan. #carebear #cute #girly #bear #cartoon #stuffedtoy

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