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12 Cute And Funny Banana Tattoos

12 Cute And Funny Banana Tattoos

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Cool tattoos for lovers of the fruit that'll make you go bananas! Loaded with fun facts and Banana trivia.

Go Bananas with these 12 Cute and Funny Banana tattoos that bring the fruit to life and will stay on your skin like a buddy for life! 

There's no doubt that this cute and yellow fruit is a worldwide favorite. Not only is it yummy, but it's very easy to eat, it makes a good ingredient in almost any recipe, it has a weird and funny shape that tattooers can play around with, and it has a number of fun facts that you might haven't known yet! So go on and scroll down and learn cool stuff along the way!

The scientific name for Banana is "Musa Sapientum", meaning "Fruit of the Wise Men."

Did you know? Rubbing the inside of a banana peel can ease a bug or mosquito bite from itching or inflammation. Thanks to its natural oils. 

Fact: More than 100 Billion bananas are eaten annually around the world, which makes it the 4th most popular agricultural product! 

The inside of the banana peel isn't as useless as it seems. Due to its natural oils, it can be used, not only, to treat bug bites but also whiten teeth or polish leather shoes by rubbing! 

Banana hack: Wrapping banana stems tightly in cling wrap will preserve it for 3-5 days.  

Nutritional facts: Bananas are low in calories and have no fat, no cholesterol and no sodium. They are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6.  

Did you know? Banana peels are actually edible if cooked. 

Bananas are slightly radioactive, due to its potassium content. But don't worry, it's harmless. The level of radiation is not high enough to cause any harm. 

People who are allergic to latex are most likely to be allergic to bananas. 

Funny Banana Tattoo by Siobhan Boismier @ewfw_ #SiobhanBoismier #Banana #Bananatattoo #Fruittattoo

Eating bananas lower the risk of heart attack, strokes and cancer. 

Aren't bananas good and tattoo worthy?! I love these yellow yummy little things! 

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