12 Deathly Dark Mark Tattoos

12 Deathly Dark Mark Tattoos

Harry Potter fans will appreciate these dark mark designs!

Fan tattoos are always fun and these dark mark tattoos are no different.

A symbol of the dark Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, the dark mark, is greatly feared in the wizard world. Depicting a serpent coming from the mouth of a skull- the mark was used by Death Eaters as a calling card for those they had killed by casting the Morsmordre to conjure the mark into the sky. Though the mark is perhaps best known for being worn by Death Eaters on their inner left forearm. When inactive it appears rather faint whereas when active it appears black. A sign of loyalty, the mark can be used by Voldemort to summon his followers.

Since the rise of Harry Potter tattoos, the dark mark has become a popular design, although, it doesn't mean that you're a Death Eater nor can Voldemort call you. Dark mark tattoos are a cool design for any ink loving Harry Potter fan and make a badass piece wherever you get one. Check out these dark mark tattoos and enjoy some deathly Harry Potter body art!

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