12 Elaborate Tibetan Skull Tattoos

12 Elaborate Tibetan Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos don't get more ornate than these Tibetan skull tattoos!

A symbolic tattoo with an awesome look and great meaning! 

When it comes to decorative skull tattoos the mind instantly goes to sugar skulls, and while they're a classic these Tibetan skulls are a great alternative! They are inspired by the traditional Tibetan skulls, or Kapala, which is a decorative human skull usually encrusted with jewels and precious metals, and used as a vessel or bowl in ceremonial rituals. 

Tibetan skull tattoos are certainly on the rise in popularity, and after looking at these awesome designs you'll be off getting one of your own! A great piece for a neo traditional tattoo, Tibetan skulls sit at the top of ornate skull tattoos and offer epic inspiration. They also just look so damn cool, so take a look and see for yourself! 

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