12 Excellent Iguana Tattoos

12 Excellent Iguana Tattoos

Love lizards? The you're gonna have a great time with these iguana tattoos.

Reptiles always make cool tattoos and iguanas are no different. 

Native to areas of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean the iguana is a large omnivorous lizard and one of the world's most famous reptiles. Growing up to six feet long, the iguana was a sacred animal among the Maya of Central America and has since become a popular reptile tattoo. 

The interesting look of the iguana has helped it become such a popular lizard tattoo and also means that an iguana tattoo doesn't go unnoticed. Suited to all manner of tattoo styles the iguana tattoo is perhaps best done in a color realism style where the dramatic nature of the iguana is truly captured. Checkout these awesome iguana tattoos and enjoy some cool reptile ink!

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