12 Exquisite Delft Blue Tattoos

12 Exquisite Delft Blue Tattoos

Bring back vintage porcelain with cool blue ink tattoos!

Delft Blue tattoos are directly inspired by a traditional ceramic art, coming from the city of Delft, in Netherlands.

"Delfts Blaw", in Dutch language, is referring to the vintage blue decorations made on white pottery. Delftware was usually decorated with scenes of Dutch life, with windmills and small characters in traditional costumes. 

Deft blue windwill tattoo by Bitch Wedding #delftblue #delftporcelain #porcelain #blueink #BitchWedding #windmill

Some of the tattoos are also ornated with floral patterns. These ancient designs are now inspiring Delft Blue tattoos. Mixing the beauty of flower tattoos and the trend of blue ink (See 20 Original Blue Ink Tattoos), Delft Blue tattoos are, at the same time, traditional and modern.

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Get some inspiration for original and sweet ink with these lovely Delft Blue tattoos!

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