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12 Fabled Harpy Tattoos

12 Fabled Harpy Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Harpy tattoos are a cool design for a mythology inspired design.

Bold and imposing harpy tattoos make quite the bold tattoos!

In classic Greek and Roman mythology harpies were evil spirits who carried souls to the Underworld. With the body of a bird and head of a woman a harpy is traditionally an evil character that represents lust and obsession. Though interestingly at one time the harpy was a creature associated more with the power of the wind than evildoing, of course, such an intriguing creature is the perfect idea for a cool myth inspired tattoo. 

To really make a harpy tattoo stand out a traditional style is best, with neo-traditional being a great option too. If you fancy your own harpy tattoo then these designs will leave you with some great ideas and inspiration, and as always you can even have Tattoodo draw you up your own awesome harpy design! 

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. Lover of all things traditional and blackwork!

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