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12 Peculiar Peanut Tattoos

12 Peculiar Peanut Tattoos

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You have to wonder if some of the people with these tattoos are a little nutty...

Everyone's nuts for peanuts. But what most people don't know is that peanuts are actually a legume and not a nut, but that's not quite as catchy. Peanuts are also referred to as goobers and groundnuts. And, to further confuse things, the edible part of a peanut is actually considered a seed. 

Something you guys also might not know is that peanuts were cultivated solely as cattle feed up until the 1930s. George Washington Carver had a big influence over encouraging the American people to consume peanuts. He developed hundreds of recipes as part of a US Department of Agriculture program. This being said, I think many of us have him to thank for our peanut butter obsessions. 

Cute kewpie peanut tattoo by Alex Strangler. #sparkly #kewpie #peanut #cute #AlexStrangler

In the decades since peanuts were introduced into the diets of Americans, the country established four national days devoted to peanuts. 

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Sparkly peanut gap filler by Laura S. #sparkly #peanut #gapfiller #neotraditional #LauraS

With the number of people with peanut allergies rising, you at least you know you're safe to get a peanut tattoo!

Cover image via @anna_beria on Instagram.

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