12 Pimped Out BB-8 Tattoos

12 Pimped Out BB-8 Tattoos

One year on and BB-8 is still cool as hell.

If Star Wars: The Force Awakens did anything it was getting the world to fall in love with a small, spherical robot, and while BB-8 may not have the same admiration as R2-D2 it isn't far off. The orange and white droid captured fans hearts and provided awesome comic relief... because what's not great about a fiery thumbs up?! Yes, Star Wars tattoos may be a little overdone, much like a 4th wall breaking hero, but you can't deny that these creative BB-8 tattoos are cool.

Of course, these BB-8 tattoos are just generic recreations of the fun loving droid but have a variety of themes and imagery woven into them...ever wondered what a BB-8 teapot might look like... Check out the fun selection of BB-8 tattoos below and remind yourself why the Force Awakens was so good. 

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