12 Pretty Ladies by Dani Queipo

12 Pretty Ladies by Dani Queipo

These American traditional style ladies will put you under their spell.

Dani Queipo is known as London's "Straight Edge Warrior" in the tattoo industry. The traditional tattooer has been obsessed with the art form since he was 15-years-old, when he got his first ink.

Before gaining notoriety as one of London's best traditional artists, Queipo began his career in Spain, picking up knowledge and tricks from multiple shops across the country.

These ladies show off the skills he has acquired since his illustrious career began.

Queipo has been tattooing at Seven Doors Tattoo in London since back in 2014, and has been crushing the game ever since. His elegant and bold takes on the traditional style set his designs apart from the rest.

Follow Dani Queipo's Instagram in order to check out his latest outstanding traditional work.

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