12 Proud Eagle Head Tattoos

12 Proud Eagle Head Tattoos

Tattooings coolest bird doesn't always need a body to look awesome!

A patriotic gap filler...if ever there was one! These eagle head tattoos are some proud ink!

Bird tattoos don't get much bolder than the eagle. The classic of all bird designs eagle tattoos have been a constant and popular tattoo over the last century of western tattooing. Now the pinnacle of old school bird tattoos eagles take some beating, even without a body!! Yep, eagle head tattoos are a thing and they're awesome. A perfect little gap filler eagle head tattoos look as cool as they sound. 

If you're in need of your own gap filler design these eagle head tattoos will give you some brilliant inspiration. They're bold, beautiful and proud- and may even be your next tattoo design! Enjoy. 

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