12 Refined Beauties by Ben Grillo

12 Refined Beauties by Ben Grillo

From the big to the small, his intricately detailed tattoos have it all

Regardless of how many times we see them, the intricacy of fine-lined tattoos always amazes us. The incredible detail that can be achieved is truly remarkable. Artist Ben Grillo’s work is no exception to this, but don't be fooled into thinking he only puts this level into his micro-tattoos — he is just as meticulous with large-scale pieces. 

Based out of Vista, California, artist Ben Grillo’s work consists mostly of impossibly fine-lined tattoos. His subjects vary in style and subject, but the size of his work is what makes his fine-lined beauties outstanding. Ranging from roughly the size of a quarter to approximately half the length of a forearm, what’s truly incredible is the level of detail displayed no matter what size the piece. A portrait of a woman that’s roughly the size of ¾ the length of a lower leg is still just as detailed and fine as its quarter-sized counterpart. Whether he’s creating a larger log cabin, complete with wood knots and chimney smoke, or the tiniest crescent moon and star amidst a cloudy night sky, his work is flawless.

You can see more of Grillo's tiny masterpieces here.

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