12 Seductive Poison Ivy Tattoos

12 Seductive Poison Ivy Tattoos

Batman's plant loving nemesis makes some rather seductive tattoos!

Poison Ivy tattoos are as wild and untamed as you think!

Introduced in Batman #181 way back in 1966, Poison Ivy has become one of the most enduring comic villains of all time. An eco-terrorist Poison Ivy has time and again unleashed natures wrath on Gotham and the world, driven by her obsession with plants, botany and ecological extinction- yep aside from bringing down Batman she wants to save the planet! Known for her exotic look Poison Ivy actually manages to make plants look sexy, which is no easy feat, so it's no surprise Poison Ivy tattoos look so good. 

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Tattoo by Sarah K #poisonivy #posionivypinup #pinup #batman #dc #comics #comicbook #SarahK

Bringing together classic comic book art and traditional pin up beauty these Poison Ivy tattoos are almost seductive as her kiss; though they are less poisonous. Take your time to enjoy them and see which Poison Ivy designs draws you in the most. 

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