12 Silly Shrimp Tattoos

12 Silly Shrimp Tattoos

Put some shrimps on your skin rather than the BBQ.

It might be a food you enjoy eating, or a sea creature your find fascinating - there's no judgment as to why you might consider getting a shrimp tattoo. 

Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee), in television advertisements for the Australian Tourism Commission, once encouraged people to put some shrimps on the barbie. Despite Aussies calling them prawns, even after 30 years, the phrase is still thrown around to this day.  

And, no matter whether you call them prawns or shrimps - I'm sure we can all agree that these shrimp tattoos are quite impressive.

Instead of going fishing, you can Feel Fancy as F**k with a Lobster Tattoo

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New school shrimp hand tattoo by Patrick Day. #newschool #hand #shrimp #prawn #PatrickDay

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