12 Smart Blackwork Snake Tattoos

12 Smart Blackwork Snake Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos don't get much smarter than these sweet blackwork snake tattoos!

The snake is one of tattooings most symbolic and meaningful designs and can be used to representative a multitude of different things. From cunning to wisdom, elegance to health the snake is an animal steeped in symbolism and it has been so for thousands of years. For centuries snakes have been depicted in art, literature and many other mediums; in the past century, however, they have become a very popular tattoo image. Often tattooed with bright colors snake tattoos never disappoint, although you don't always need color for a badass snake design.

Blackwork snake tattoos are a smart and stylish design that uses the bold and striking nature of a blackwork tattoo to bring the snake to life. Frequently tattooed alongside another classic image blackwork snake tattoos are a tattoo any serious collector should consider and these 12 blackwork snake tattoos will show you why.

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