12 Stylish Vintage Sewing Machine Tattoos

12 Stylish Vintage Sewing Machine Tattoos

A vintage machine makes for a stylish tattoo!

Sewing machine tattoos are as bright and colorful as you'd think and suit the traditional style perfectly!

Since 1790 the sewing machine has revolutionized the textile industry, of course it's impact is nowhere near as it once was... but the humble sewing machine still has a place in the homes, hearts and on the skin of many. Sewing machine tattoos are inspired by the vintage machines used in the last century and totally make a funky traditional tattoo.  

Bold and beautiful vintage sewing machine tattoos have a lot to offer as a fashionable piece of body art. Whether you love sewing or tattooing, or both, these vintage sewing machine tattoos are definitely a winner and will get you reaching for the nearest needle and thread. And meanwhile- craving for your own kickass sewing machine tattoo! 

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