12 Times Sean From Texas Summed Up How You Felt At Work This Week

12 Times Sean From Texas Summed Up How You Felt At Work This Week


Ah yes, another end to yet another work week. Five days of meetings that could have been emails, awkward-yet-forced small talk with your co-workers (“Yeah, totally. I’m genuinely very concerned about your cat’s digestive issues. Please tell me more, Helen”), and your boss springing a new assignment on you thirty minutes before it’s due (“Yes, I can absolutely have this five hundred word article to you on the importance of crispy pretzel tattoos in half an hour. No, I don’t think it’s weird at all”). So in case you need that extra lil’ somethin’ to get you through the last few hours of the day, we got ‘chu grrl.

1. Monday morning be like...

2. When one of your co-workers is yammering on about their "wonderful trip upstate with Joe and the kids."

3. "Hey, do you know how to get to...?"

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4. When the team meeting could have been an email...

5. When the office orders pizza for lunch, and the only vegan is like, "Can we get Daiya cheese?"

6. When you've gone over your lunch break by about twenty minutes, but you have no fucks left to give.

7. "I'll be right back. Just running to the restroom..."





9. When it's 4:00pm, and your head is already in weekend-mode.

10. When you have to transfer trains three times to get home...

11. When you finally make it home and onto the couch like...

12. But then Monday morning rolls around again...

At least it's only ~40 more years to retirement?

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