12 Traditional Tattoo Babes By Danny Derrick

12 Traditional Tattoo Babes By Danny Derrick

Who doesn't love looking at some bodacious babes?

Danny Derrick is an artist based out of the San Luis Tattoo Company in California and he focuses mainly on traditional tattoos. It has been a long journey for Derrick, but he is happy to have found his niche in the tattoo community.

Starting out as a piercer, Derrick soon discovered his passion for tattooing. After apprenticing for two years, Derrick moved back to California to open up his own shop, and he hasn't looked back since.

He opened up his shop in San Luis Obispo, California, and named it... The San Luis Tattoo Company. The name fits, and so does his awesome style of tattooing. The shop has been open for about two years now, and is one of the best traditional and neo-traditional style shops in the area. 

Check out Danny on Instagram in order to see more of his stylish Traditional tattoos. If you want to make an appointment with him, head to The San Luis Tattoo Company's website.

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