12 Unique Zebra Tattoos

12 Unique Zebra Tattoos

Just like each zebra's markings are unique to each animal, you can make your zebra tattoo your own.

In African folklore, it is said that the zebra used to be all white until falling into a fire after fighting with a baboon. The coat was left with scorch marks which created its black and white striped look. 

But, just because a zebra is black and white doesn't mean your tattoo has to be the same. Some of these artists have added a splash of color which makes all the difference. 

Mom and baby zebras by Clare Lambert. #momandbaby #babyzebra #zebra #neotraditional #ClareLambert

Whether you want a zebra tattoo to suit your black and grey tattoo collection or your colored pieces, this selection of zebra tattoos will provide you with all the inspiration you need. 

Not a zebra, but the next best thing:

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Ink splash watercolor zebra tatttoo by Jess Hannigan. #zebra #watercolor #inksplatter #inksplash #flowers #JessHannigan

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