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13 Beautiful Ladies by Tony Nilsson

13 Beautiful Ladies by Tony Nilsson

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Here are some gorgeous lady heads for your viewing pleasure.

Tony Nilsson is a master at illustrating traditional lady heads in a variety of themes. Each one of his busts of women is gorgeous. Whether they are rendered in black and grey or color, he uses a mixture of bold linework and heavy saturation to make each of these ladies stand out. Check out this awesome sample of his lovely lady heads. 

We adore Nilsson's color lady heads. It's wonderful how he accentuates each one with objects and apparel, such as roses, headbands, crowns, and even space helmets. We also love how he shapes their eyes and fills them with vibrant chroma to give them an endearing glow. Each one of them is simply radiant.

Nilsson's lady heads, however, are so beautiful that they don't even need color to steal your heart. We enjoy how stunning they look with darkly hued cheeks as opposed to rosy ones. There's something about their shadowy contours that makes them seem that much classier and more elegant.

A lovely black and grey lady head by Tony Nilsson (IG—tonybluearms). #blackandgrey #ladyhead #TonyNilsson #traditional

We hope you liked looking at Nilsson's lady heads. If you want to see more of his wonderful traditional tattoos, check out his Instagram. Also, he works at Blue Arms Tattoo in Oslo, Norway, if you want your very own black and grey or color bust of a jaw-dropping lady.

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