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13 Cute Cat Tattoos by Georgina Liliane

13 Cute Cat Tattoos by Georgina Liliane

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

I could look at kitten tattoos all day long.

Cat tattoos for life. I have two and I want more. But felines aside, I love the tattoo work of UK artist Georgina Liliane, who is equally as mad about cats as I am!

Butterfly and cat tattoo by Georgina Liliane #GeorginaLiliane #cat #kitten #kitty #butterfly

Self-labelled as a "crazy cat tattooer", Georgina's animal tattoos are out of this world. Our very own Xavier kicked things off this year and featured some of Georgina's animal tattoos here. Today, it's all about our feline friends. 

There are a lot of difficult aspects to capture when creating a cat (or any animal tattoo). Varied and deep facial expressions, the dimension in terms of how animals sit, the thick texture of coats and infinite details in the anatomy of any body - it takes the most skilled tattooer to pull these off. Georgina's tattoos are vibrant, interesting, perfectly executed and (I don't think I have ever used this word before when talking about tattoos, but) memorable. Georgina has a very unique style, and this is ever so present in her tattoos! 

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Heart cat tattoo by Georgina Liliane #GeorginaLiliane #cat #kitten #kitty #heart #cherryblossom

All photos from Instagram

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