13 Cutest, Fluffiest, and Cuddliest Alpaca Tattoos

13 Cutest, Fluffiest, and Cuddliest Alpaca Tattoos

Feel all warm and fuzzy inside with these adorable alpaca tattoos spreading their love on your screens!

Like hedgehogs with porcupines, alpacas are often mistaken for llamas. I can see why; they're both so fluffy-looking and they both have these unnaturally long necks for mammals who aren't giraffes. For starters, llamas are so not fluffy in real life — they have coarser fleece. Llamas are also much larger and far less cuddly in person so let's go with alpacas for now. 

In tattoos, alpacas are far less common than your regular fox or wolf but that doesn't mean they've got to be left behind! Give love to these alpaca lovers who let kawaii tattooers like Lauren WinzerRachel Baldwin, and Sam Whitehead take over the cutesy designs of their alpaca tattoos.

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Alpaca tattoo by Pony Reinhardt. #PonyReinhards #linework #blackwork #woodcut #alpaca

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