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13 Darling Doberman Tattoos

13 Darling Doberman Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Realistic, geometric and illustrative renderings of a loving dog breed.

Developed in Germany somewhere around 1890, dobermans are known to be loyal companions and act as guard dogs, fiercely protecting their owners. These days the breed have been found to show less aggression than other dogs not usually known for aggressive behavior. It just goes to show that some perceptions and stereotypes can be untrue and outdated. 

Black and grey doberman tattoo by Axi Goregots. #realism #blackandgrey #dog #doberman #AxiGoregots

Like any dog, if well trained, dobermans make great pets, becoming loving members of the family, and some even become tattoos, just like the ones below. 

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