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13 Decorative Beauties by Matt Chahal

13 Decorative Beauties by Matt Chahal

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Bold, clean lines and breathtaking patterns

One of the most tiresome questions tattooed people get: “So like, what’s the meaning behind this? Why did you get it?” Ah yes, a question for the ages: what’s the meaning behind your tattoo? It’s no secret that most people outside of the tattoo community often expect some sort of tragic backstory, or perhaps a quirky anecdote to the reason behind your decorative shoulder piece, when the truth is quite simple: you got it because you liked it. You got it for you.

Sometimes we just like things because they’re really beautiful, artist Matt Chahal’s work is exceptionally so. Demonstrating bold, clean lines and breathtaking patterns his work is decorative in nature, often mimicking mendhi in style. Beautifully detailed and well thought out, Chahal’s work is a dream.

You can see more of Chahal's decorative beauties on his Instagram.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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