13 Impossibly Detailed Micro Tattoos by Fillipe Pacheco

13 Impossibly Detailed Micro Tattoos by Fillipe Pacheco

These tattoos are so detailed you might swear they're photographs.

You may not initially think something so small could be so detailed, but get ready to unlearn that bias. The best thing about Brazilian artist Fillipe Pacheco's micro tattoos is how incredibly detailed he can get with them. Forget being able to discern the color change in the ocean, you can even make out light particles reflecting off the crest of the waves in Pacheco's work. 

With roots in micro-realism, he’s also a self described technical experimentalist — a style that is centered predominately around video stills, creating incredibly life-like results that look as if a photograph or still from a film has been imprinted on your skin.

Taking a dip via instagram fillipepachecoart #blackandgrey #ocean #swimming #microtattoo #water #Fillipepacheco #waves

So if you're looking for a conceptual micro tattoo, look no further than Pacheco. The results really speak for themselves.

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You can see more of Pacheco's impossibly detailed micro tattoos on his Instagram

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