13 Irresistible Geometric Animal Tattoos by Fin T.

13 Irresistible Geometric Animal Tattoos by Fin T.

Malaysian tattoo artist Fin T. designs adorable and structured geometric animals with subtle pointillism and fine lines.

When you put geometry in tattoos, you often get a chic and calculated modernist vibe. 

It's not too often that you get to say ‘awww’ to a geometric tattoo. But Malaysian tattoo artist Fin T. aims to prove you wrong with her muted, yet all the more, adorable designs. The reason for this is that Fin tattoos mostly animals like domesticated dogs in that lovely geometric style of hers. And come on, dogs are always cute. (Not you, Cujo!)

Clients come to her to immortalize their little darlings into these cute geometric tattoos. Fin manages to work on them and retain their charm in each design. Her tattoos are definitely perfect for the minimalist pet-lover. Check out these adorable furballs!

Fin also takes on designs for clients wishing to have their geometric animals with less ‘awww’ and more ‘ohhh.’ Aside from geometric animal designs, Fin also does the occasional tribal and script tattoos for tourist clients. She, after all, tattoos in the heart of Kuala Lumpur — a true melting pot in Southeast Asia.

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