13 Lovely Llama Tattoos

13 Lovely Llama Tattoos

There's nothing lame about all these tattoo renditions of llamas.

These llama tattoos might not be as cute and cuddly as their alpaca cousins but they're lovely all the same.

Abstract tattoo of a llama in the Andes mountains by Daniel Ayala. #abstract #mountains #Andes #llama #DanielAyala

Llamas and alpacas are often confused, however there are some obvious differences in their physical characteristics. Llamas are generally twice the size of an alpaca, with some weighing up to 400 pounds. They have longer ears and coarse fleece. Alpacas require protection, but llamas are imposing with their size, are very brave and strong enough to carry up to 30% of their body weight. 

There's no confusion with these llama tattoos in a wide variety of styles - they're all unique and an interesting tattoo choice.

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