13 Macabre Nun Tattoos that Will Terrify You

13 Macabre Nun Tattoos that Will Terrify You

These spine-tingling works of art featuring sinister nuns will make sure you won't be getting any sleep tonight.

Nuns are seen by most as devout female individuals vowing to a life of chastity and holy servitude. But in tattoos, nuns are often featured in many works under dark themes and unholy concepts. 

Art, after all, aims to shock. Some are fascinated by the thought of tainting the saintly image of nuns by depicting them in macabre and sometimes, sexual themes. Recently, The Conjuring franchise spooked everyone this year with a ghost nun character that brought back old schoolyard ghost stories of haunted convents. Thought you'd seen the last of Valak? I brought some of her homies!

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Neotradtitional nun tattoo by 25ftphantom on Flickr. #nun #scary #horrifying #creepy #macabre #portrait #horror #neotraditional #nsfw #sinister #evil

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