13 Minimalist Masterpieces by Caleb Kilby

13 Minimalist Masterpieces by Caleb Kilby

Monochromatic, Surreal, and Fine-Art Inspired Tattoos

We get it, minimalism isn’t for everyone. Some people really do prefer the intricacy and detail that comes with most styles of tattooing, but there’s something to be said about minimal tattoos, especially when they’re inspired by fine art. Body art and fine art have always been cousins, regardless of whether or not they’ve been recognized as such. So when fine art and tattoos collide, it absolutely blows our collective minds, and artist Caleb Kilby is doing just that.

With a background in fine art, Kilby’s work is minimalist in the most extreme sense of the word. Creating figures out of continuous lines, his pieces are incredibly reminiscent of some of Picasso's figure drawings. What Kilby’s work lacks in detail, it makes up for in creativity and surrealism. What’s more impressive is that the majority of each piece looks as if it’s been tattooed in a single go, never once picking up the machine from the skin. Working almost entirely in black ink, with grey thrown in on occasion for shading purposes, the monochromatic tone of his work only adds to its overall aesthetic. Highly stylized and devoid of any sort of niceties, Kilby’s work is lacking only a frame in terms of museum eligibility, the skin being the only and only canvas he needs.

You can see more of Kilby’s work on his Instagram.

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