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13 More Beautiful Ladies by Tony Nilsson

13 More Beautiful Ladies by Tony Nilsson

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Traditional tattoos of gorgeous women to make you heart pound.

Tony Nilsson makes oodles of wonderful traditional tattoos of lady heads. So much so, that we decided to share even more of his gorgeous illustrations of ladies with you. Whether you like them doe-eyed or dolled up in fun costumes, his depictions of these babes will likely leave you breathless. Enjoy ogling this virtual beauty pageant from his portfolio.

When looking closely at his lady heads, the meticulous attention to detail that Nilsson puts into his work becomes clear. These ladies' eyes appear so alluring because of the hard work that he puts into them. Notice how some of their vivid irises contain multiple shades of green, fading from chartreuse to olive, or the graduated golden appearance of tiger's eye. Furthermore, the way that he heavily saturates their cheeks with subtle earth tones brings out their natural beauty by accentuating their facial features. 

What makes Nilsson's ladies even more attractive is the way that he adorns them with accessories, such as jewelry (he has a bit of a penchant for pearls), headbands, and flowers. The scarves that many of female figures wear are filled with delightfully intricate designs and rich color pallettes, offsetting the darker contours of their faces. We love it when he thematically dresses these gals up, too. The black and grey viking woman, for instance, is one of our favorite pieces from his entire portfolio. 

A breathtaking lady head from Tony Nilsson's (IG—tonybluearms) body of work. #ladyhead #rose #TonyNilsson #traditional

If you want to see more of Nilsson's astounding traditional tattoos, head over to his Instagram. He tattoos at Blue Arms in Olso, Norway if you want one of his bodacious babes for your own.

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