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13 Reasons Why Hannah Snowdon-Sykes Is Flawless AF

13 Reasons Why Hannah Snowdon-Sykes Is Flawless AF

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Prepare to fangirl hard and crush harder on gorgeous pixie-sized tattoo artist and model Hannah Sykes-Snowdon.

Many may know Hannah Snowdon-Sykes (previously Hannah Pixie Snowdon) as the face of many tattoo-related Tumblr feed and the lucky girl who finally got Bring Me the Horizon frontman, Oliver Sykes tied down. She's also the girl your metal fan boyfriend's been crushing on for the past couple of years. I really can't blame her with all this fangirling hype but I definitely could keep giving her all my love in all her tattooed, sweet-faced glory.

1. She mastered the art of nonchalantly gorgeous selfies.

She makes it look so damn easy.

2. She doesn't always go glam but when she does, she's the bomb.

We're not worthy.

3. She's a big animal lover and critters love her just as much.

She's not one of those pissy people who have a habit of bragging about being vegan, either.

4. Even when she's pulling off awkward faces, she still looks so gorgeous that it's getting kinda unfair.

5. She's one-half of one of the most flawless couples in the scene.

Read more about their memorable wedding here: Singer Oliver Sykes Marries Tattoo Artist Hannah Snowdon.

6. Her and her thing with bob cut go years back.

I could just eat her all up. LOOK AT HER. THE. BANGS.

7. She's a young self-made entrepreneur.

In addition to running her own tattoo shop, Hannah also owns a clothing line under her  Black Stabbath  brand.

8. She's a big pop culture geek.

Here's Mr. and Mrs. Syko having fun and geeking out.

9. Don't let the pretty looks fool you, she's a talented artist.

10. You really can't go wrong with her signature bangs.

11. Because she's Hannah Pixie Freaking Snowdon-Sykes. 

12. She's a respected tattoo artist.

Hannah's waiting list for tattoo bookings can sometimes go on for at least four months.

13. She's a Leon: The Professional fan who really nailed Mathilda's iconic haircut and sweet-faced looks.

18 Deadly Charming Mathilda Tattoos

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Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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