13 Sensual Pin-up Girl Tattoos by Rachie Rhatklor

13 Sensual Pin-up Girl Tattoos by Rachie Rhatklor

Seductively Pretty Pin-up Girl Tattoos by Rachie Rhatklor, Melbourne

Women are beautiful. And so, it makes sense that they make beautiful tattoos, doesn't it? 

These 13 Sensual Pin-up Girl tattoos by Rachie Rhatklor capture the essence of a woman: attractive, with pretty, hypnotizing eyes... sexy, with or without clothes... warm, like the color palette Rhatklor often uses for her tattoos. But of course, she's not just all sugar, spice and everything nice. There's also the right amount of naughtiness and possibly a spark of madness. Oh, the woman! She IS complicated...but totally worth it! ;-) If you love girls and believe in girl power, these pretty pin-up tattoos are for you! <3 

Follow @Rachie.Rhatklor on instagram to see more of her works. 

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