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13 Sweet and Striking Succulent Tattoos

13 Sweet and Striking Succulent Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

I'm developing an obsession with these perfectly shaped plants.

Knowing how much I adore mandala tattoos, it's no wonder I'm head over heels with these perfectly symmetrical flower-shaped succulent plants.

I have personally fallen for the real flower-like succulent shapes, and have many of these plants in my own home. Resembling a mandala when looking at from above, their rigid, symmetrical leaves fall into place - proving nature truly is perfectly scientific, mathematical and beautiful. These 13 completely different succulent tattoos show just how perfect this natural object can be when transformed into beautiful tattoo artwork. For me, nature is all about vivid colors, and these tattoos don't fail to represent the varying shades and tones of our natural world.

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