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14 Beautiful Babes by Andrea Giulimondi

14 Beautiful Babes by Andrea Giulimondi

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This talented artist has perfected the iconic traditional lady head tattoo.

When I think about American traditional style tattoos there are a few distinct designs that always pop to mind — anchors, swallows, ships, and of course, lady heads. Ever since Samuel O'Reilly modified an electric pen and turned it into the first tattoo machine, artists have been tasked with the chore of putting beautiful ladies onto people's skin. Now, over 100 years later, it looks as if Andrea Giulimondi may have perfected the lady head. 

Tattooing out of The Family Business Tattoo in London, England, Giulimondi ably carries on the tradition of the tattoo giants of yesteryear through his work. While all of his tattoos are bold and sure to stand the test of time, it is his take on the lady head that really blows my hair back. Each and every one of these characters is a thing of beauty, from their rosy red cheeks to their windblown hair curling at the tips. 

I especially love this back-piece by Giulimondi. If you use your imagination just a little bit you can imagine this gorgeous creature busting out of a cocoon to reveal its loveliness. 

How can you not fall in love with those freckles? 

While we focused on Giulimondi's work with lady heads for this article we could have just as easily picked almost any other design, his portfolio is excellent from top to bottom. You can find him on Instagram and at The Family Business Tattoo if you want to see more of his impressive American traditional tattoos. 

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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