14 Bewitching Polynesian Dotwork Sternum Tattoos by Coen Mitchell

14 Bewitching Polynesian Dotwork Sternum Tattoos by Coen Mitchell

Coen Mitchell creates some of the most sensual dotwork underboob and sternum pieces ever, inspired by gorgeous Polynesian-based art flow.

No matter how much underboob and sternum tattoos have blown up over the last couple of years, they'll never lose their beautiful edge to me. I'm still stunned by dozens of amazing designs of what's supposed to be the new “tramp stamp.” For f-ck's sake, they're just tattoos. 

Early underboob pieces were designed with mostly sacred geometric and Polynesian-inspired elements featuring designs like the mandala, lace, hamsa, lotus, and rose. Coen Mitchell will restore your faith in sternum tattoos with the combined regality of tribal, pointillism, and sacred geometry. 

Coen Mitchell is a professional tattoo artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. When he was just starting his career as a tattoo artist, Coen practiced with mostly generic designs before moving on to more complicated designs as he took cues from the head artists in the shop he apprenticed at. He soon grew comfortable around Maori, realism, and sacred geometry, developing his own style in the process.

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Coen now works in a fine linework and dotwork style which he has labelled ‘mosaic flow.’ It's inspired from Polynesian-based patterns, symmetry, and use of flow on the body. Coen's distinct style also parallels sacred geometry through intricate details and symmetry that grazes his highly-detailed works.

Coen's underboob and sternum pieces exude every inch of sensuality and artistry he's put into them with every precise dot and gleaming gem placed delicately in the center. His pieces not only serve as a grand embellishment to the wearer but also capture the beautiful design of the female figure.

We recently featured animal portraits by Coen Mitchell, which you can view here.

Images from Instagram.

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