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14 Chubby Hippo Tattoos

14 Chubby Hippo Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

This is one vegan you'll never want to mess with!

The word hippopotamus is Ancient Greek for "river horse", but this is not an animal you would ever attempt to ride. They're the third largest land mammal and are closely related to water mammals such as whales and porpoises. 

Sailor hippopotamus by Robbie Bauer. #neotraditional #hippopotamus #hippo #sailor #RobbieBauer

To see a hippopotamus in the wild you would need to travel to Africa, so a tattoo is probably a cheaper option for most of us. Both the regular hippo and the pygmy hippopotamus have received the tattoo treatment. Take a look! 

And, finally, if you're like me, you can't think of hippopotamus without remembering this scene from Big Daddy.

Elephant tattoos can be gorgeous as well, check out this blog: 

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