14 Fabulous and Fun Ferret Tattoos

14 Fabulous and Fun Ferret Tattoos

Is there a cuter carnivorous creature than a ferret?

A group of ferrets is called a business - sleeping for 14-18 hours per day (like a ferret) is the kind of business I want to be in!

When they're awake, ferrets are known to be mischievous creatures. The name ferret is derived from the Latin word furittus which means "little thief" which couldn't be any more fitting. 

Domesticated for well over 2000 years, ferrets were used for hunting in the past. Their sleek body shape made it easy for them to go down holes and chase out animals such as rabbits, moles and rodents.

In some places in Australia, like Queensland and the Northern Territory, it is illegal to keep ferrets as pets, so a tattoo could be the next best thing. 

Have a look at more cute furry creatures with Neo-traditional Critters by Manu Cruz

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Neo Japanese style ferret and chrysanthemum flower tattoo by Mike Boissoneault. #neojapanese #flower #chrysanthemum #ferret #MikeBoissoneault #animal#cute #critter #carnivore #creature #pet

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