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14 Fabulous Purrmaid Tattoos for Cat-Lovers and Mermaids

14 Fabulous Purrmaid Tattoos for Cat-Lovers and Mermaids

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Here's your love for cats and the sea in one with these magical ‘purrmaid’ tattoos — or should I say ‘meow-gical’?

Crazy cat ladies and daddies and mermaids and mermans have something to rejoice about today because ‘purr-maid’ tattoos actually exist. Although it's quite contradicting since cats are supposed to feed on fish, we can all agree on how adorable these naughty-cal cat tattoos are.

Purrmaid tattoo of Sophie Osborne. #woodcut #asda #blackwork #cat #mermaid #purrmaid #mythical #fantasy

Remember the Shoebury woman who got her tattoo idea from a bedding being sold at ASDA, of all places? Yes, that was a ‘purrmaid’ tattoo. But who can blame her? These wonderfully made-up lovelies are too damn magical. The ‘purrmaid’ is definitely on top of my wish list if the world ever gets a re-do. Kidding aside, there's not yet a definitive guide on how these marine felines existed but there's currently a trademarked indie brand called Purrmaid, the brainchild of several artists from DeviantArt where everything is pretty much possible.

Purrmaid tattoo by Katie Dexter. #cat #mermaid #purrmaid #mythical #fantasy

As far as I know, these lovely hybrids are yet another bizarre product of the internet but hey, nobody's complaining. Right now, we've got Catlantis, mermaid cat plushes, Pusheen spin-offs, and more. And now we have ‘purrmaid’ tattoos that are so, so important.

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Cover image by Inky Diary.

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