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14 Irresistibly Fluffy Pusheen the Cat Tattoos

14 Irresistibly Fluffy Pusheen the Cat Tattoos

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Pusheen the Cat is as irresistible as ever in these insanely cute tattoos that captured the tabby cat in all her fluffiness.

Here we go again with the cat tattoo worship! Feline internet sensation Pusheen the Cat managed to steal the hearts of anyone with a soft spot for kawaii with her endearing webcomic series that are downright charming and oddly relatable.

Pusheen the Cat, courtesy of Pusheen Corp. #Pusheen #illustration #cat #neko #cute #kawaii

Pusheen the Cat started out as a character in the small-time webcomic series, ‘Everyday Cute’ illustrated by artists Clare Belton and Andrew Duff back in 2010. Pusheen, a chubby gray tabby cat, was based on Belton's childhood pet. As the webcomic grew popular on Tumblr and began appearing on other websites, the artist couple decided to give Pusheen the Cat her own series. They also released a book entitled, ‘I Am Pusheen the Cat’ in 2013. Not bad for a fictional cat.

Pusheen also inspired some of the cutest fan art in existence — from digital illustrations to polymer clay charms, the tabby cat is killing everyone with cuteness. I'm sure you've also spotted her on Facebook Messenger's stickers. Now, you'll get to see Pusheen on some really cute tattoos!

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Pusheen tattoo by Alex Strangler. #AlexStrangler #pusheen #kawaii #cat #cute #neko #catlover #heart

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Cover photo flash design by Alex Strangler.

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