14 Killer Traditional Eagle Tattoos

14 Killer Traditional Eagle Tattoos

Badass body art of the biggest birds of prey.

One of the best frequently seen motifs from traditional tattooing is the image of the eagle. We love how these birds of prey embody nature's fierceness with their bold lines, bright chroma, and intense posturing. Whether they are rendered in black and grey or vibrantly colored, these tattoos have the power to quicken our pulses in the way they take flight or dive on the skin of their collectors. 

Some of our favorite tattoos of eagles are those that scream with color. Whether bangers or back-pieces, these winged creatures with sharp talons and hooked beaks take our breath away with their majesty as well as their ferocity. We especially love when they are locked in combat with other lethal creatures like snakes. It is also notable, that even though these illustrations of these members of the family Accipitridae are all in the traditional style, each one of these artists have imbued the fearsome figure with their own aesthetic sensibilities.

Though traditional tattoos of eagles look great in color, their black and grey counterparts are equally as striking. There's just something so resounding about the images of these feathered alpha predators that they don't need chroma to bring out their prowess. It simply speaks for itself, especially when delivered through solid black illustration.   

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We love these intimidating eagle tattoos, and if you do too, make sure to check out the Instagrams (listed in the captions) of all these tattooists. Lastly, if you should want your very own illustrations of this king of the avian kingdom, consider commissioning one of them. They're all masters of the traditional style, and you won't regret it.

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