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14 Spooky Little Bangers by Jon Larson

14 Spooky Little Bangers by Jon Larson

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Celebrate the best day of the year all round with a tiny Halloween-themed tattoo!

It is no secret that Halloween is our favorite holiday of the year. It's got everything that a person could ever want — costumes, an excuse to party, delicious candy, and a reason to watch horror films. But more than any of that it gives a us a chance to run wild with out imaginations in a way that no other holiday encourages. And that's just what Jon Larson has done with this collection of spooky little bangers!

Larson specializes in bold and vibrant American traditional style tattoos, but he thought outside of the box when he crafted all of the work that you see here. Gone are the pinups and eagles you normally see on flash sheets around the world; they are replaced with ghouls, ghosts, and slashers from our favorite '80s films. Don't underestimate these bangers because of their small stature, each one packs a tremendous punch.

The cool thing about these tattoos is that it allows you to feel the spirit of Halloween all year round. It's obvious that Larson is a big fan of our favorite day of the year as well. Each of these pieces draws from the all of the best Halloween traditions — all the expected iconic motifs are here — but through his style Larson is able to make each one uniquely his own. 

We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed Larson's collection of Halloween-inspired bangers. Larson is quite a versatile artist and his full torso pieces are just as impressive as the little guys you've seen in this gallery. You can follow him (and his adorable bulldog) on Instagram. 

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

Likes: writing, baseball, dumplings, American Traditional tattoos, punk rock. Dislikes: kale, things that look like kale and words that rhyme with kale. Managing Editor @tattoodo

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