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15 Adorable Kewpie Dolls All Dressed Up for Halloween

15 Adorable Kewpie Dolls All Dressed Up for Halloween

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Even the Kewpie dolls are getting into the Halloween spirit with these adorably spooky tattoos!

Most of us probably weren't even born yet when Kewpie dolls were selling like crazy in the toy sections, but since they're still so popular in pop culture and tattoos even to this day, all we have to be bummed about is how expensive they've become as collector's items. I bet Rose O'Neill never imagined her tiny creation to live this long and be as iconic as it is now! But really, though, no matter how hard these little dolls try, they'll always be as cute as they'll ever be.

Pumpkin Kewpie tattoo by Stacey Martin. #StaceyMartin #pumpkin #kewpie #cute #doll #baby #adorable

These little cherub-like dolls no longer have to run around naked anymore either. From pop culture characters to creatures of the night, the Kewpie babies managed to stay cute even when they try to get spooky.

When a Kewpie doll wants to play dress up Tim Burton style.

On the right track with some Addams Family values.

We've got Pokémon Kewpie dolls now?

Mugatu Kewpie tattoo by Stacey Martin. #StaceyMartin #kewpie #cute #doll #baby #adorable #zoolander

Now that you think about it, Zoolander's Mugatu is pretty terrifying.

Get Kewpie-fied!

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