15 Classic Red Rose Tattoos by Dustin Stemen

15 Classic Red Rose Tattoos by Dustin Stemen

Is there a better traditional tattoo than the red rose?

Dustin Stemen tattoos at Black Anvil Tattoo, Fort Wayne and is a guy who sure knows the beauty of a rose. Crisp lines, deep reds and thorns on point Stemen's roses have everything they should and more. Brought to life in a bold traditional style the red roses Stemen offers are classics, to say the least. Put simply; when it comes to old school roses Stemen is your guy, so pack your bags and head to Fort Wayne.

Naturally, Stemen does other work than just roses - but if it's roses you want, it's roses you'll get.

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To see more of Stemen's work check out his Instagram and see the whole collection of his rad traditional designs.

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