15 Evergreen Flower Bouquet Tattoos

15 Evergreen Flower Bouquet Tattoos

It seems like flower bouquets aren't only best matched with hearts and chocolates but also look pretty damn good on skin!

Here are flowers that won't wilt and won't quite lose their tint in a matter of days. The only time most people think about flower bouquets and posies is when they're dating someone and they need something to cheer up their S.O.'s or when they need something to bring when they screw up and have to apologize.

But bouquets can make great flower tattoos! I know, when you think about it, bouquets may seem difficult in terms of placement, especially when you're adding the piece to complete a full sleeve. But as I've seen with the stand-alone tattoos here, they look pretty damn good actually — especially the posies.

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