15 Lit Tattoo Ideas For The Raving Photographer

15 Lit Tattoo Ideas For The Raving Photographer

Snap away all you trigger-happy photographers and go get tattoos that are worth a thousand words dedicated to your life's greatest passion.

Any kid who grew up loving the feeling of a camera in hand and having days pass by like photograph stills will be familiar with the strong thirst to capture moments and not stop until you finally have something picture perfect. 

The look on people's faces also makes it worth it when they see the world through your eyes. At one point, I'm also the kid who wanted to grow up capturing scenes for a living if it wasn't for my terrible aim. Tattoos are another way to capture stories and preserve them in stills that can't easily be tarnished. Here are some of the best tattoo ideas for those who can't do without their lens and cameras.

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