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15 Lovely Micro-Tattoos Your Mom Won't Even Mind

15 Lovely Micro-Tattoos Your Mom Won't Even Mind

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We doubt your mom will be giving you another side eye if you come home with these tiny tattoos that can make even mommy gush over it.

If your mother's a straight-up conservative mom who imposes a strict no-tattoo rule at home, you might make her twist the home decree a bit once she gets to see these charming tattoos in pastel and single needle work that had us oooh-ing and awww-ing for the last couple hours. Prepare for a microtattoo feast with the sweet subtlety of artists like Mini Lau, Anzo Choi, and Banul. Nothing quite like a taste of South Korean tattoo style.

Hong Kong's Sweetheart Mini Lau And Her Subtle Tattoos

Because you'll always be her special snowflake.

Keep her words with you wherever you go in pretty script tattoos.

Make family name initials more interesting with pastels.

Dedicate one for her. If that can't make her smile, we don't know what would.

How can she possibly not love this sweet, little thing!

Better yet, get matching one with her and keep up the family bond.

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