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15 Neo Traditional Yellow-eyed Ladies By Francesco Garbuggino

15 Neo Traditional Yellow-eyed Ladies By Francesco Garbuggino

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Warm and beautiful girl tattoos done by Francesco Garbuggino.

I love the warm color palette and whimsical yellow-eyed ladies of Francesco Garbuggino, a neo-traditional tattooer from Genova, Italy. Each of his girls are uniquely tattooed, but share the same blank, yellow-eyed stare and surreal composition. Some turn out to be distorted, eerie, dark, yet all of them appear sophisticated and beautiful. 

So if you love gypsy girl tattoos and dig this kind of vibe, consider Garbuggino in your list of favorite tattooers. Check out his tattoos and enjoy! 

Written byminerva

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